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Interpreters Corner - NFHS Rule Differences
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logoRule Changes For Federation 

1 .Umpires will have to use/manage line-up cards - substitution (re-entry), courtesy runners, tracking conferences.
2 .Catch and Carry - not allowed - ground rules discussion
3. Hidden ball trick - Allowed - ground rules discussion
4. Pitchers eligible to pitch - line-up cards should list those not eligible - cover at ground rules
5.Pitch counts - umpires ensure that communication happens every two innings
6. Verify all equipment is legal - NOSCAE labeled - catcher's equipment (chest protector and mask/helmet/throat
     protection) - ask each coach at ground rules discussion.
7. Everyone (coaches as well) inside the dugout during all live ball action - remind at ground rules discussion.
8. Pitcher's legal position on windup. Free foot must be behind line extending through front edge of rubber.
9. Balks - immediate dead ball - no free swings or extra bases on wild pick-off
10. Batter's Box Rule - keep batters in the box.
11. Fake throw to third base is allowed. So is the 3-1 move (must disengage before spinning back to first).
12. Slide (legally) or avoid - Definition of a slide
13. Force Play slide rule - no pop-ups or sliding through the bag (contacts fielder or alters the play)
14. Appeals are allowed during dead ball
15. Know the re-entry rules for substitution - starters may re-enter - same batting slot
16. Designated Hitter Rule - 9 player line-up
17. Courtesy runners are allowed - only eligible substitutes can run
18. Conferences - only 3 free defensive trips during regulation - one per inning on offense
19. Mercy rule - 10 runs after 5 or 4 ? if home team winning
20. All personnel must be in the dugout during live-ball
21. Teams can continue to play with only 8 players (injury/ejection)
22. Dropped third strike - Must enter dugout to abandon or all infielders have left fair territory
23. 20 second time to deliver pitch/make play. Don't bring watches!! Warn first.
24. Runners cannot dive over defensive players.
25. Running lane violations - quality of throw is not a factor.
26. Walk off scoring - All runners must touch next base.
27. Last time By. If you properly touch the base the last time you go by it, it will wipe out previous errors/appeals.
28. If there is a severe injury - umpires may call time. Don't have to wait for completion of play.
29. Suspended games - no reverting - home team must bat in bottom half of inning.