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Newsletter - Current Feb 14, 2017
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Eastern Massachusetts

Baseball Umpires Association


January, 2018



Dear EMBUA member,


The EMBUA Executive Board has set the meeting schedule for the 2018 season.  There have been several changes and additions, so please review the information in this notice carefully. 



This year’s Annual Banquet will be held on March 20, 2018, at the Irish American Club on West Street in Malden (behind Devir Park on the Fellsway).  Cocktails are at 6:00PM with the dinner beginning promptly at 7:00PM. 


DUES (I know info regarding Paypal needs to be added)

The annual dues will remain at $60.00.  In order to avoid long lines and to speed up the dues paying process, you are encouraged to mail your dues to Treasurer Tom Ryberg, 48 Bowker Road, Waltham, MA 02453.  Dues must be paid by the Business Meeting, April 24, 2018, in order to vote on any matter that requires a vote at the Annual Business Meeting.  Beginning this year members will also be able to pay their dues using Paypal.  More information regarding this will be sent soon.


EMBUA Website Update

Please go to the Association website and check that all your contact information is correct.  Make any necessary corrections and be sure to save the corrections; especially email address and telephone number. If you experience any problems logging in or correcting any information, please contact Secretary Don Dabenigno for assistance. 



There will be two (2) Harland “Sonny” Robins Scholarships of five hundred (500) dollars each; one to a son and one to a daughter of a member in good standing and/or members who are in good standing and who has been accepted to, or is currently enrolled and working toward an undergraduate degree.  Application forms are available on the EMBUA website (www.embua.org).  If you feel your son or daughter qualifies (graduating from High School through junior year in college) please fill out the application on the website and return to Don Dabenigno at a meeting.  The scholarship recipients will be selected at the Annual Business Meeting on April 24, 2018.  Applications must be received by April 17, 2018; no exceptions!



The dates for the season’s meetings are listed below.  All Membership Meetings are held at the Irish-American Club.  In order to accommodate requests about earlier meeting times and the difficulty about meetings once the high school season begins, we have changed the start times to accomodate members' needs. The meeting scedule and startimg times are:

February 26, 2018  7:00PM    

March 5, 2018  7:00PM

March 26, 2018  7:00PM

April 10, 2018  7:30PM

April 24, 2018  7:30PM

May 8, 2018  7:30PM

May 22, 2018   7:30PM

The Executive Board has set the requirement regarding meeting attendance for the 2018 season.  At a minimum, each member must attend four (4) of the seven (7) scheduled meetings.  Note, attendance at the annual banquet will not be counted as attendance at a meeting.  Meeting attendance will be taken after each meeting.  It is the responsibility of each member to see that the Attendance Monitor checks their name off.  Those members who are unable to meet the attendance requirement MUST notify the secretary in writing (email is fine).  This will thoroughly explained at the membership meetings. 



All members playing on umpiring high school games (varsity, JV or freshman) are required to register with the MIAA and the MIAA requires all game officials to complete the NHSF Concussion Test prior to the season.    You can access the MIAA registration information and the Concussion Test login address by going to the members section on the Association website and locating the appropriate tab.



The pre-season test will be reviewed at the March 5, 2018, Membership Meeting.  Be sure to take the exam in advance and bring it to the meeting.



If you know anyone who is interested in becoming an umpire, please direct them to the information on our website; embua.org.   



John Ventura will again be at our meetings for anyone needing to replenish their equipment and/or uniforms. 


Evaluations for interested members will take place March 24, 2018. More information will be distributed at the regular meetings.



Yours in Baseball,


Don Dabenigno