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Frequently Asked Questions


1. I am unable to get into the members section of the website?

     Make sure your username and password are correct. Your username is your e-mail   
     and the password is baseball unless you changed have updated the password. E-mail

      Don Dabenigno with any questions (


2. How do I get off the suspended list, or find out if I have paid my dues?

     Emial Tom Tyberg ( or Don Dabenigno ( with

    questions relating to dues and membership.


3. How do I find out about my attendance to see if I have attended the required number of


     Email Don Dabeningo with attendance issues (


4. Who can I contact to get games for the high school or summer seasons?

     Go to the assignors tab to find assignors for the high school and summer seasons.


5. I had a strange play in my game. How do I get rules interpretations during the season?

     Email Interpreter, Tom Clews (


6. When is the next EMBUA umpires clinic?

     See umpire training tab on the Assocaition website or email Tom Clews