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Listed below are the members of Eastern Mass Umpires Assoc:


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Member Name   Classification
Karl Abramson    Associate member Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19 Dropped
Rich Alexy   
Gio Aquino    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Eddie Asaley   
Joe Avakian    suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/2/19
Jon Babula   
Mike Barbati    Suspended 1/1/18 Reinstated 3/26/18
John Barbati, Jr   
Brett Barclift   
Jack Barrett   
Mark Barter   
Frank Battista   
Chris Bauer    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Robert Beddia   
Frank Beebe   
Justin Beechwood    Suspended 1-1-19
Kenneth Belcastro    Suspended 1-1-19
Barry Bell    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Tom Bent   
Walter Bentson    Exempt 2015
Stewart Berg    Suspended 1-1-19
Jason Berger    Associate Member Suspended 1-1-19
Alex Bergeron    Associate Member Suspended 1-1-19
Andrew Bergeron   
Ken Bergeron   
Steven Bertone   
Vinny Bertrand    Exempt 2015 Returned to active, 12-15-16
Gerry Bilodeau   
Phillip Boardman   
Connor Boeglin    Associate Member Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Jarrett Boeglin    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Dan Boland   
William Boland, Jr   
David Bolduc   
Michael Bonnier    Suspended 1-1-19
Tom Bourque    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Bob Brackett   
Charles Braid    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Brian Branson   
Sean Brennan, Sr    Suspended 1/1/19
Alex Brincheiro    Associate member Suspended 1/1/18
Eric Brown    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Kenneth Brown, Jr.   
Ken Brown, Sr.   
Michael Buba   
Mark Bucelli    Associate Member
Joseph Buswell   
Justin Buswell   
Raymond Butler   
Jim Byrne   
Mark Byrne   
Richard Cabral    Suspended 1/1/18 Reinstated 4/1/18
Joseph Cacciatore    Honorary Member assignor High school, Summer Baseball
Paul Cacciatore    Suspended 1/1/18 Active 3-4-18 Suspended 1/1/19
Phil Cacciatore    Suspended 1/8/18 Active 3/4/18
Dick Cacciatore    Honorary Member
Rick Cacciatore   
Mark Callahan   
Patrick Cann    Associate member Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Thomas Caouette    Suspended 1/1/19
Paul Caron, Sr   
Rob Carrillo    Suspended 1/1/18 Active 3/4/18
Bill Carroll   
Brendan Carty    Suspended 1/1/18 Reinstated 2/26/18
John Caruso   
Mike Carvalho   
Ryan Carvalho   
Wiliam Casey   
Scott Cassidy    Suspended 1/1/18 reinstated 2/25/18
Dan Caulfield    Inactive for the 2018 season Inactive for the 2017 season
Mathew Cedrone    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Drew Celli    Suspended 1/1/19
Joseph Celli    Suspended 1/1/19 Reinstated 2/12/19
Ryan Celli    Suspended 1/1/19
Doug Cesero   
Will Chan   
Jonathan Chapman    listed inactive for 2017 season Suspended 1/1/19
Arjav Chhabra    associate member; 3-26-18
Jerry Chiarelli    Honorary Member
Daniel Cinelli   
Bob Cinelli, Sr   
Ned Cleary    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
John Cleary   
Tom Clews    Honorary Member
Dale Clutter    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Aaron Coban   
Robbie Cobb    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Andy Cohen   
Glenn Cole   
Trevor Collins   
Michael Collyer    transferred in 02/01/2019
Robert Conceison, Jr    dropped 1/1/18
Matthew Connolly    Associate Member dropped 1/1/18
Mathew Cornelius    Suspended 1/1/18
Robert Cronin   
Myles Cutler    Suspended 1/1/19
Seth Cutler    Suspended 1/1/19
William D'Amore    resigned via email 6/7/17
Don Dabenigno    Secretary 2015 - President, 2013 Executive Board
Jason Dann    associate member; 3-26-18
Mazdak Darvari    Associate member Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
John Davison    Suspended 1/1/18
John Davison    Suspended 1/1/18
John Dawley, Jr   
Anthony DeAngelo    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Marc DeAngelo   
Richard DeAngelo   
Greg DeCandia   
Anthony DeFabrizio   
Bobby Del Vecchio   
Joseph Deluise   
Joseph DelVecchio    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Paul DelVecchio    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Bill Dembro   
Gus Dettorre   
Salvatore DiCato    Dropped 1/1/18
Oliver DiCerbo    associate member; 3-16-18
Nick Dipoto   
Brian Doherty   
Michael Donovan   
Jared Doucette   
Ryan Doucette    associate member; 3-16-2018
Chris Dowd    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Thomas Dowey    Suspended 1/1/19
Brian Driscoll   
Paul Dube   
James Dunleavy    Resigned 1/1/18
Wil Durbin    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Evan Eberle    associate member; 3-26-18
Joshua Erickson    Associate Member Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
David Erikson    Suspended 1/1/9
Jason Ewing    Associate Member Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Matthew Favazzo    associate member, 3-26-18
Nicholas Favazzo    associate member; 3-26-18
Bill Ferguson   
Rick Ficarra   
Joel Figueroa   
Lucci Filippi    Suspended 1/1/19
Michael Finn   
Sam Finn   
Michael Fontana    Suspended 1/1/18 Reinstated 3/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Mike Ford    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Bill Fortunato   
Timothy Fouche   
Nicholas Freeling    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Steve Freker   
Joe Frenna   
Thomas Furbush    Dropped 1/1/18
Chuck Furlong   
Dennis Fusco    Suspended 1/1/19
Nick Fusco   
Paul Fusco    Suspended 1/1/18
Auden Gall    Associate member Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19 Suspended 1/1/19
Essex Gall    Associate member Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Frederic Gardner, Sr    Honorary Member
Joe Garozzo   
Mike Garozzo    Suspended 1/1/17 Dropped 1/1/18
Paul Garozzo, Sr   
Richard Garron, Jr   
David Garvey    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Larry Gelineau    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Don Gerokoulis    Suspended 1/1/19
Douglas Gobron   
Moe Gomez   
Bob Goodwin   
Mike Goodwin   
Mike Gregoricus    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Tom Griffin    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Kevin Grogan    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
John Grossi    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Anthony Gulizia   
Joe Hart    Dropped 1/1/18
Bradley Harvey    Associate Member
Bobo Hathaway   
David Haverty   
Brian Healy    associate member; 3-26-18
Jason Healy    Associate Member Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Dick Heaton    Dropped 1/1/18
Dan Henry   
Michael Hinojosa    Suspended 1/1/19
Hoppy Hopkins    Suspended 1/1/19
Peter Howe    Suspended 1/1/19
William Irwin    Suspended 1/1/19
Beau Janousek    Suspended 1/1/18
Don January    Suspended 1/1/18
Jeff January    Suspended 1/1/18 Reinstated 3/1/19
Brandon Johnson    Suspended 1/1/19
Jason Johnson   
Randy Johnson   
Jack Joyce    Suspended 1/1/18
Bill Kaliris    Suspended 1/1/18 Reinstated 2/26/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Marc Kantor   
Bradley Keefer   
Taeuk Kim   
Chris King   
Donnie King    Suspended 1/1/18 Reinstated 3/5/18
Danny Lambrinos, Jr.   
Dan Lambrinos, Sr.   
Richard Landry    Suspended 1/1/19
Frank Lanzarone   
Thomas Leake   
Kevin Lee    Associate Member Suspended 1/1/17 Suspended 1/1/19 Dropped 1/1/18
Peter Lee    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Nate Lemons    associate Member Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Joseph Lento, Sr   
Mark Lento   
Tom Lepore    Suspended 1/1/18 Reinstated 3/26/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Michael Lightbody   
Paul Ligor   
Jesse Loesch    Suspended 1/1/17 Dropped 1/1/18
Frank Lombardo   
Joe LoRusso   
Lenny Losen    Associate member Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Joe Loynd    Transfered
Joseph Loynd, Jr, Jr   
D Wayne Lucas    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Ronnie Luke    Associate Member
Eugene Luongo   
Jim Lynch   
Jim MacLellan, Sr    Suspended 1/1/19
Shawn MacLeod    Associate Member Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Vincent Macone    Suspended 1/1/19
Gary Maghsoudi   
Thomas Maguire, Jr   
Ryan Mahan   
Keith Mahoney   
Jack Maloney    associate member; 3-26-18
Joe Marcucci   
Samuel Marcucci   
Peter Marfione   
Zeno Marquis   
Michael Martini   
Bill McCarthy   
Brian McCarthy   
William McCauley   
Richard McConaghy    Suspended 1/1/18
Phil McDonald   
Jim McKeever    Suspended 1/1/18
Tom McKeown   
Charlie McLean   
Bill McManus    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/9
Paul McNelley    Suspended 1/1/19
Sean McShane    Dropped 1/1/18
Ken Minasian   
Rich Minasian    Suspended 1/1/18 Active 3/4/18
Peter Miniutti    associate member; 3-26-18
Tony Molle   
Jeff Morin    Suspended 1/1/17 Dropped 1/1/18
William Morley, Sr   
Matt Morrison    Suspended 1/1/18
Walt Mortimer    Honorary Member
Steven Mosca    Associate Member Suspended 1/1/17 Dropped 1/1/18
Al Moscone   
Sean Moynihan   
John Mulcahey    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Scott Mulcahey   
Chet Murray   
Kevin Myles    Resigned 3-30-18
Jack Najjar   
Robert Nardone   
Zachary Nardone   
Ed Nelson   
Eric O'Brien    Suspended 1/1/17 Dropped 1/1/18
James O'Connell   
James O'Connor    Suspended 1/1/18 Acticve 3/4/18
James O'Donnell, III   
Matthew O'Donnell   
Jack O'Halloran    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Matthew O'Keefe   
Joseph O'Neill   
Paul O'Reilly    Suspended 1/1/19
Cole O`Connor   
Tim O‚ÄôSullivan    Suspended 1/1/17 Dropped 1/1/18
Neil Orlando   
Michael Orsogna   
Kyle Paine    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Sean Paine    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Wayne Pandolph   
Dennis Panza    Suspended 1/1/18 Reinstated 3/26/18
Michael Panza    Suspended 1/1/17 Dropped 1/1/18
Anthony Pascucci   
Joseph Pascucci    Suspended 1/1/18 Reinstated 3/26/18
Thomas Peacock    associate member Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Matthew Pelletier   
Donald Perault    Suspended 1/1/18
Brent Petrowski    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Don Phelan   
Bob Picariello   
Steve Piecuch    resigned 3-18-17
Jack Pintavalle    Suspended 1/1/19
David Pires   
Craig Polizzi    Suspended 1/1/17 Dropped 1/1/18
Chris Polleys   
Rick Poulin    Suspended 1/1/18 Reinstated 3/26/18
Robert Prestera   
William Profenna   
Andrew Puglia   
Stephen Puppo    Suspended 1/1/19
Daniel Purcell   
David Raschi    Suspended 1/1/19
Joe Raschi   
Victor Raschi   
Christian Raymond    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Pierre Raymond    Suspended 1/1/19
John Reamer    associate member; 3-26-18
Michael Reamer   
Caleb Reddick    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Evan Reddick    Associate member Suspended 1/1/18
Liam Reddy    Suspended 1/1/19
Danny Riordan, Jr   
Dan Riordan, Sr   
Ken Ripley   
John Robichaud    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Mike Roccia   
Joe Rocco   
Robby Roddenberry    Suspended 1/1/19
Alex Roderick    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Rod Roderick   
Alex Rodriguez   
Kevin Rogers    Associate member Suspended 1/1/19
Nate Rose    Suspended 1/1/19
Daniel Ruizcalderon    Suspended 1/1/19
David Ruizcalderon    Suspended 1/1/19
Kenny Runge, Jr    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
David Russell   
Tom Ryberg   
Eric Saidnawey    Suspended 1/1/19
Richard Salvia, Sr    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Adam Sarmanian    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Corey Scafidi    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Peter Scafidi   
Keith Scalese   
Paul Schille   
Charlie Schroeder    associate member Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Michael Schroeder    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Teddy Schroeder    Suspended 1/1/19
Daniel Scrima   
Brian Senier    Suspended 1/1/17 Dropped 1/1/18
Dan Sennott    Suspended 1/1/17 Dropped 1/1/18
Jim Shannon    transferred from NCMBUA
T. Brooks Sheppard    Suspended 1/1/17 Dropped 1/1/18
Josh Sherman    associate member
William Shields    Suspended 1/1/18
Joe Silvestro   
Arjun Singh    Suspended 1/1/17 Dropped 1/1/18
G. Singh Singh   
Jesse Snyder    Suspended 1/1/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Harvey Soolman   
Paul Stamatopoulos   
Sam Steed   
Collin Steele   
Collin Steele   
Joe Stella    Suspended 1/1/17 Dropped 1/1/18
Berg Stewart   
Deano Summers    Suspended 1/1/17 Dropped 1/1/18
James Talbot   
Matthew Tatkow    Suspended 1/1/19
Rick Tavares    Suspended 1/1/19
Kevin Thibault   
Richard Thompson,, Jr   
Richard Thompson, Sr., Sr   
Martin Tilton   
David Treska   
John Trischitta    Suspended 1/1/18 Active 3/4/18
Zachary Triscuit   
Paul Uva   
Jim Valente   
Gary Vallerand   
Gabriel Van Emon    associate member Suspended 1/1/17 Dropped 1/1/18
Cole Velis    associate member; 3-26-18
Joe Viale    Suspended 1/1/17 Dropped 1/1/18
Joseph Vienneau    Suspended 1/1/17 Dropped 1/1/18
Kevin Vona    Suspended 1/1/19
John Vroom   
Gary Waite    Suspended 1/1/18 Reinstated 3/5/18 Suspended 1/1/19
Sherman Wallen   
Jim Walsh   
Ryan Walsh   
Noam Watt    associate member Suspended 1/1/17 Dropped 1/1/18
Craig Weatherbee    Suspended 1/1/18
William Weiand    Suspended 1/1/17 Dropped 1/1/18
Robert Weiner    Suspended 1/1/19
Darren Weisse   
Duane Weisse   
Chris Wheerler    Suspended 1/1/19
Scott Witham, Jr., Jr    Suspended 1/1/18
Ethan Xi   
Z Z   
Norman Zaleski    Exempt 2015
Bill Zeoli   
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