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This organization shall be known as the Eastern Massachusetts Baseball Umpires Association hereafter referred to as EMBUA.


The purpose of the Association is to promote, develop and improve the game of baseball through the development and training of amateur baseball umpires.



  1.  There shall be five (5) classifications of membership within the Association:

    1. Active – members in good standing who are actively engaged in umpiring
    2. Associate – members under the age of eighteen (18) who are actively umpiring to develop their skills to achieve Active status
    3. Honorary – a status bestowed upon members in good standing by a unanimous vote of the Association’s governing board.  To be considered for this honor, members in good standing must have a minimum of fifteen (15) years active service and have distinguished themselves through activity in the Association to promote baseball and the profession of umpiring.  See Awards
    4. Inactive – any member in good standing who has temporarily retired from active umpiring and requests such status in writing to the Association.  Members may maintain this status for no more than three (3) years.  After such time they will be required to pass the state exam.
    5. Retired – any member who has retired from actively umpiring games and is a member in good standing may request of the Executive Board that they be listed as a retired umpire.  This membership will afford the member all the rights and privileges as a regular member. 

  1. Application for membership into the Association shall be open to all those individuals who:
    1. file an application with the Association
    2. attend a majority of the exam prep classes sponsored by the Association
    3. achieve a minimum passing score on the state examination as determined by the state association and the governing board of this Association
    4. pay all exam and administrative fees as set by the MBUA and EMBUA Executive Board

  1. Members in good standing shall enjoy all rights and privileges of the Association, including voting, by:
    1. being a member in good standing
    2. paying all required dues and fees
    3. pledging to be bound by the Association rulings, and further agrees that any violation of said rulings are subject to disciplinary action by the Association

[Members in good standing shall receive one (1) ticket to the Association sponsored social event for all membership classifications.]


  1. Members who voluntarily resign, shall have the right to be considered for reinstatement by:
    1. requesting such in writing to the Executive Board
    2. payment of all past and present annual dues plus fees that may be applied
    3. that such written request is made within one (1) year from the date of resignation

  1. Members may be censored, suspended or expelled, with a right of appeal, by a majority vote of the Executive Board for:
    1. failure to attend the required meetings
    2. non-payment of dues
    3. conduct unbecoming a member of the Association while in the performance of his/her duties

  1. Members may appeal any decision of the Executive Board that effects one’s membership status by:
    1. requesting a hearing, in writing, within thirty (30) days upon receipt of notification from the Executive Board
    2. such hearing shall be held within sixty (60) days of the receipt by the Executive Board of such appeal
    3. results of the hearing shall be rendered within thirty (30) days of the close of the hearing

  1. Members who do not meet the membership requirement by attending the required number of meetings will be suspended. A suspended member may be reinstated by paying a fine according the following:


a.   failure to attend to one of the two mandatory meetings - $25
b.   failure to attend one of the required regular meetings - $20
c.   failure to attend two of the required regular meetings - $40

A member wishing to be reinstated must pay the required fine by December 31 of that calendar year.  A member who is reinstated and is suspended a second year will be dropped from the Association and can only gain membership by taking and passing the Association exam.


ARTICLE IV – GOVERANCE               

1    An Executive Board shall be elected by a majority vote of the membership in

good standing and present at the Annual Business.


  1. The Board shall be comprised of the members in good standing to serve as:
    1. the Executive Officers - President, 1st Vice President and 2nd Vice President.  Each shall serve one (1) year terms and may not succeed themselves
    2. The Administrative Officers – Secretary, Treasurer and Rules Interpreter. Each shall serve a term of three (3) years.  Administrative Officers may succeed themselves. 
    3. Executive Committee – Four (4) at-large members elected in pairs to serve two (2) year alternating terms.  These committee members may succeed themselves.
    4. Audit Committee – three (3) members as voted on by the membership.  Committee members may succeed themselves

  1. The duties of each officer shall be:
    1. President: to determine the dates, times and locations of the general meetings; to set an agenda for each general meeting; to appoint one (1) of the two (2) representatives to the Massachusetts Baseball Umpires Association (MBUA); to preside over all Executive Board and general meetings; to serve as ex-officio member of the Executive Board for the one (1) year following expiration of his term
    2. 1st Vice President: to work in conjunction with the Rules Interpreter to set the rules that will be presented at each general meeting; to serve as the chairperson of the umpire evaluation committee; to fill in during the absence of the President
    3. 2nd Vice President: to serve as one (1) representative to the MBUA
    4. Secretary: to maintain the membership list of the Association in conjunction with the Treasurer; to keep and maintain the records of each Executive Board and Annual Business meeting; to ensure that all information of the Association website is current and accurate; to publish the Association’s annual directory, if necessary; to ensure an adequate number of rule books is available for the candidates’ clinic; purchase rule books for the general membership every third year unless otherwise directed by the Executive Board.
    5. Treasurer: to maintain the financial records of the Association; and receive and pay all bills which may be incurred by the Association in accordance with normal business operations; and to keep yearly records of each member’s dues.  Any member of the Association in good standing may request a financial report of the Executive Board in writing.
    6. Rules Interpreter: to conduct and administer the admission of membership candidates through exam prep classes, including the date and administration of the state examination; to present rules interpretations at each general meeting
    7. Executive Committee: to assist the executive and administrative officers in the operation of the Association
    8. Audit Committee, to be comprised of three members in good standing, with election of a committee chairperson upon agreement of the members of said committee. The audit committee shall audit the finances of the Association, make non-binding recommendations to the Executive Board and report its findings to the full membership at the Annual Business Meeting. The members of the audit committee must be fully independent of the Executive Board and Association officers.

  1. The secretary, treasurer and interpreter, each shall be reimbursed at an annual rate as determined by the Executive Board during their term of service to the Association.

  1. The Executive Board shall meet at the discretion of the President, a minimum of twice annually, so as to conduct the normal business operations of the Association.

  1. Should a vacancy in an office occur, the President, with the advice and consent of the Executive Board, shall make a temporary appointment until such time that a successor can be elected to fill the vacancy.

  1. The new Executive Board’s term shall take effect on July 1 each year.


1.      Dues shall be assessed in the following manner and are payable on or before the close of the Annual Business Meeting:

    1. Active members – as set annually by the Executive Board
    2. Associate members – fifty (50) percent of the active membership dues
    3. Honorary – exempt
    4. Inactive – Exempt for not more than a three (3) year period
    5. Retired – fifty (50) percent of the active membership dues

2.      All membership dues must be paid by the close of the second scheduled general meeting of the Association.  Any member whose dues is not paid by this date with be fined per these bylaws and have their membership suspended until such time as he/she takes care of his/her financial obligation.


           3.      A late fee will be assessed to any member who dues is not paid by the close of the second

 scheduled general meeting of the Association.  The late fee must be paid by April first of the   same year in order to maintain a regular membership.


    1.      All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the standards as outlined in Robert’s 

           Rules of Order, unless otherwise outlined by the by-laws of the MBUA.

2.      All business conducted at any business meeting shall pass with a majority vote of those eligible members, in good standing and present.  Any business matters, other than elections or amendments of the by-laws, can be conducted at any general meeting where a quorum of the membership is in attendance.


3.      Attendance will be taken at each general interpretation meeting.  It will be incumbent on each member present to insure that his presence is recorded.


4.      The Annual Business meeting shall be scheduled on a date specified by the Executive Board.  The purpose of said meeting shall be to hold elections and attend to other such business requiring full action of the membership.


5.      A quorum shall consist of twenty-five (25) percent of the active voting membership that is in good standing and present for the Annual Business Meeting or other special meetings that may be called.


                a.       Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the president or upon written

                  request,  stating the nature of the meeting, to the Executive Board by five (5) voting 

                  members in good standing of the Association.


1.      The primary uniform shall be consistent with that established by the MBUA.  Umpires assigned to work a contest shall dress in a similar or like manner as determined by the weather conditions.


2.      Members shall be paid a contest fee in accordance with the published schedule of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA), or the established fee of the MBUA, whichever is greater.


          3.      Members may work with any umpire who is a member on good standing of any board  

                 recognized by the MBUA.  Should an umpire discover that his assigned partner does not

                 meet the aforementioned provision, he/she shall complete the assignment and notify the

                 league assignor and the board secretary immediately thereafter.


1.      All expenditures, other than those needed for the normal business

operation of the Association must be approved by the Executive Board. 


2.      The Cost of the annual banquet shall not exceed one half (1/2) of the annual dues per person.


3.      The fee for the evaluator services shall be commensurate with the fee for the members’ annual dues. 


4.      All charitable contributions must have the unanimous consent of the Executive Board.


5.      Ten (10) percent of the annual dues revenue (each year) may be allocated for training and development.  The expenditures cannot exceed ten (10) percent and do not carry over from year to year.


6.      Five (5) percent of the annual dues revenue (each year) may be allocated for the maintenance and upgrade of the web site (including the Webmaster fee).  The expenditures cannot exceed five (5) percent and do not carry over from year to year. 


          7.      Awarding of two scholarships per year (one (1) male and one (1) female, if applicable) to a

                  son and daughter of one of our members and/or a male or female member who is pursuing

                  an undergraduate degree in an accredited institution.  The amount of the scholarship to be

                  determined by the Executive Board.


1.      Bill McDonald Coach’s Achievement Award:

Presented annually to a coach who has distinguished himself amongst his peers by exhibiting the highest standard of sportsmanship, integrity and professionalism throughout his coaching career.

2.      Carmine Cacciatore Umpire’s Achievement Award:

Presented annually to an umpire who has distinguished himself amongst his peers by his outstanding dedication to the Association and his exemplary contribution to the baseball umpiring profession.


3.      Presidents and/or Service to Youth Award

Awarded at the discretion of the Executive Board when an individual or group has had a significant achievement or contribution in baseball umpiring or the sport of baseball and such achievement/contribution warrants special recognition.


4.      Honorary Membership:

The most prestigious award bestowed by the Association (requires unanimous consent of the Executive Board).  Reserved only for those members whose extraordinary commitment and dedication has directly and significantly contributed to the advancement and success of the EMBUA and its members.  Also see Article III, 1, c.


Any member in good standing and with the exception of the Honorary Member may nominate award applicants; recipients need a majority vote of the Executive Board.




1.      These by-laws may be altered, amended, supplemented or repealed by:

a.       having such proposed amendments be placed in writing to the Executive Board at least three (3) weeks prior to the Annual Business Meeting or special meeting.


b.      having such proposed amendments be forwarded to all Association members, via email at least ten (10) business days prior to the Annual Business Meeting or special meeting.


c.       a required two-thirds (2/3) vote of the active membership present at the Annual Business Meeting or another special meeting that may be called; such amendments shall become effective thirty (30) days following enactment by the membership.


2.    Technical corrections to these by-laws may be made by a unanimous vote of the Executive Board.  If the by-laws are altered, amended, supplemented or repealed in accordance with this section, such corrections shall not become effective until sixty (60) days after the membership has been advised in writing of said changes.


3.     Any voting member in good standing wit the Association may propose amendments in accordance with Article X, Section 1.



1.      In addition to the powers set forth in these by-laws, the Association shall have all further power and authority, as is reasonably applied, from the objectives state herein, without necessity for specific amendment to said document.


2.      Failure of literal or complete compliance with the provisions of this document, with respect to date and times or the sending and receipt of the same, or errors in phraseology, which does not cause substantial injury to the right of the members shall not invalidate the actins or proceedings of members at any meeting.


3.      Should the Association sail to meet its expressed purpose, become inactive or dissolved, the remaining assets of said organization shall be disbursed to such groups that meet the purpose in accordance with Article 2.